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What is the Best Way to Clean Your Carpet?

A great number of Americans suffer from indoor allergies and asthma. This is mostly triggered by allergens found mainly in the house. Allergens are alien components found in the air like dust mites, pollen, animal dander, dust and mold spores. Allergens move around the air you breathe and are held up on carpets, rags and upholstery. These surfaces act as filters but sometimes the dirt gets too much hence requiring cleaning. Allergens in the house can be managed by observing the following:*Dust regularly to control dust mites- Wash bedding, curtains and clothes to remove dust and clinging allergens.Vacuum often- Vacuuming the carpets regularly helps reduce amount of allergen build-up.
Wash house pets thoroughly and regularly- Where people are at high risk of allergy and asthma attack, it is advisable to keep pets clean at all times or keep them outside the house.Close doors and windows to keep off Pollen-Use an air filter and change it regularly.Steam Clean carpets regularly. Below are a …

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