7 Carpet Cleaning Secrets (As Used By The Pros)

Despite your efforts of keeping your carpets clean, spills, spots, and stains will always find their way to it.If you want to know how to tackle stains and spillages in your carpet like a Dublin Prothen you have come to the right place. This article will give you seven secrets and tricks of professional carpet cleaning that will keep your carpet looking brand new quick smart.


1. Blot Stains - Don’t Rub or Scrub

If you want to remove a spill or stain in your carpet, blot it using a clean paper towel or cloth.
Don’t try to agitate or scrub it because doing that will cause the stain or spill spread to other areas or
destroy the fibres of your carpet.

2. Don’t Try to Use any Stain Removers

Without naming any specific brand, stain removers can cause damages to your carpet. They are ineffective
and cause irreparable harm to your fabrics and carpets.If you are not sure, use plain water or vinegar or inquire
about any professional carpet stain remover from the experts. Avoid any stain remover that you will find being
sold in supermarkets and street stores.

3. Use Heat to Eliminate Wax

Many homeowners are always disturbed by candle wax spills that are mostly found in their carpets.
They see it hard or impossible to remove candle wax without pulling some carpet fibres together with it.
But candle wax can easily be removed by applying heat to it. Just put a clean cloth over the candle wax on
your carpet and then place a warm iron on top of the fabric to remove the candle wax. After that,use a blunt
knife to eliminate the wax from your carpet.

4. Use Your Vacuum

You need to vacuum your carpets regularly. This will keep your carpets looking new and also removes all
the dust that would otherwise degrade your carpet fibres. Carpets are required to be vacuumed at least once
a week. Adhering to this task will add many years to the lifeline of your carpet.

5. Invest in a Good Carpet Protector

Consider buying a good carpet protection to prevent spills from becoming permanent stains that will ruin
your carpet. A carpet protector acts as an abrasive that prevents dry soil from sticking in your carpet. If you
have already purchased a high-quality carpet, then a good carpet protector will be a good investment for you.
You can contact us directly at carpetcleandublin.com for a recommendation for your carpet.

6. Use Proven and Effective Stain Removal Processes

You can efficiently deal with stains and spills using pure water and vinegar by following the
procedures outlined below:
  • Blot all the visible spills using a clean paper towel or cloth
  • Continue blotting until you have removed as many spills or stains as possible
  • Mix water and vinegar in a ratio of 4:1
  • Put the mixture in a spraying bottle and spray over the blotted area
  • Blot the area again to remove all the moisture and to eliminate any stain that may be present.
  • Spread some kitchen towels over the area and place some weight on top of them.
  • Leave the carpet for some hours- If you find that there are no stains in your kitchen towels, then
  • the process was successful.

7. Hire a Carpet Specialist

If you are too busy that you do not have time to clean your carpet, then consider hiring an experienced carpet
cleaner to do it for you at a cost.

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