What is the Best Way to Clean Your Carpet?

A great number of Americans suffer from indoor allergies and asthma. This is mostly triggered by allergens found mainly in the house. Allergens are alien components found in the air like dust mites, pollen, animal dander, dust and mold spores. Allergens move around the air you breathe and are held up on carpets, rags and upholstery. These surfaces act as filters but sometimes the dirt gets too much hence requiring cleaning.

Allergens in the house can be managed by observing the following:

  • *Dust regularly to control dust mites- Wash bedding, curtains and clothes to remove dust and clinging allergens.

     Vacuum often- Vacuuming the carpets regularly helps reduce amount of allergen build-up.

  • Wash house pets thoroughly and regularly- Where people are at high risk of allergy and asthma attack, it is advisable to keep pets clean at all times or keep them outside the house.

  • Close doors and windows to keep off Pollen-Use an air filter and change it regularly.

  • Steam Clean carpets regularly.

1.Carpet Shampoo

This method involves making a solution of cleaning shampoo and water, followed by use of a special brush or vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt. A cylindrical foam shampoo machine may be used. It uses an air compressor to create dry foam which is applied on the carpet. This is followed by use of a revolving cylindrical brush which combs the foam through the carpet pile. For effective results the carpet must be thoroughly vacuumed before and after cleaning. Rotary shampoo method uses an ordinary rotary floor machine which sprays shampoo onto the carpet from a dispensing tank. A special brush is used to whip out the detergent foam. This method is however not the best due to over wetting which may cause jute straining, shrinkage and odor.

2.Dry Cleaning

This method is also known as the dry powder method. The machine is used to sprinkle a dry absorbent compound containing amounts of water, detergent and solvent onto the carpet. Mechanical agitation from a brush works the cleaner through the carpet. The absorbent compound contains an absorbent carrier, water, detergent and solvent. The liquids dissolve the soil and the solvent mixture is absorbed into the carrier and vacuumed up. A detergent pre spray is also used in heavily soiled areas. Little water is used making it a common maintenance cleaner. This method has a downside too. Thorough vacuuming should be done to avoid white powder from reappearing after wet extraction cleaning.

3.Steam Carpet Cleaning

This is considered to be the best carpet cleaning method and is recommended by nearly all carpet manufacturers and carpet fiber producers. It is the only cleaning method that involves deep cleaning.


Our offers a professional solution to getting rid of most of the house allergens. Our company is a reputable company that offers reliable, effective and personalized service. We are an international cleaning company based in Dublin, Ireland. Our cleaning services ensures you live in a clean and healthy environment.

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We offer innovative and top notch services. We use steam cleaning process which is 100% safe. Our cleaning procedure involves sterilizing and disinfecting the carpet surface to eliminate any clogged up allergens. We provide one offs, weekly, monthly, quarterly, custom and integrated services.

Our services targets every member of the society. Our services are extended far and wide from schools, to hospitals, to homes and hospitals. We believe every person has a right to a clean environment.

Our cleaning technicians are skilled and competent. We use effective cleaning sprays and solutions. We use the following technique to get excellent results.

1.Inspection by the technician

Our cleaning technicians inspect the state of the surfaces to be cleaned. This is to determine the amount and type of sprays and solutions to use. They can also check for any visible stains that may require special attention.

2.Vacuum to remove loose dust

We use a powerful vacuum cleaner to remove loose dust particles and other allergens.


A pre spay is applied on the floor covering surface, followed by high pressure steam application.

4.Solution Application

High pressure is used to apply the cleaning solution and then removed by a high power vacuum. The dirt is collected into the machine.

5.Carpet reset

The last step involves resetting the carpet pile by use of a special rake.

For more information find us on Twitter as Carpet Cleaning Dublin.


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